Some of the sub-systems we can Integrate/Automate are but not limited to: -

Lighting control

We can cater lighting control solutions to achieve what is required in the Building Code of Australia Section J6 for commercial spaces.

Some examples of what we can cater for are but not limited to: -

  • Control of DALI, DSI and DMX fittings.
  • Motion Sensor Control whether that would be automatic or Absence Mode operation.
  • Daylight Harvesting where lights will need to switch/dim as required based upon natural daylight levels.
  • Time Scheduling for office and out of office hours.
  • Local, remote or centralised control.
  • Managing and Monitoring of the system.
  • Blind/Shutter Control.
  • Integration to Audio Video Installations.
  • On/Off control of Air Conditioning systems.
  • Integration to any BMS requirement.

We are ready to provide tailor made solutions whether it would be KNX, Other proprietary systems or combination of both. Depending on the client’s needs. Hybrid solutions can also be utilised.

A Hybrid solution is where certain functionalities may not be required on an automation system and a conventional method may be applied. Such an example could be a store room where the functionality requirement is only to turn lights on and off based on motion sensor control.

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Audio Visual

Konex Automation can also offer solutions to Audio Visual Installations (AV) :-

  • PA Systems
  • Distributed Audio
  • AV control solutions

We can also integrate one or more of the services as an integrated solution to the building if required

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We can cater for the majority of security needs of a building. This can stem into sub divisions of

  • Intercom
  • Access Control
  • CCTV

Solutions can be put forward to allow integration of above services including Smart Phone device intercom capabilities if required and to the overall integrated services of the building.

Our security works is handled by one of our partnered companies.

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