Building Management System

A Building Management System (BMS) is the core of control and monitoring of a building. It can control and monitor various elements, whether it would be Heating/Cooling Systems, ventilation systems, Audio Visual systems, Lighting control systems (including Emergency Lighting), Hydraulic systems, Security systems, Intercom systems, Shutter/Blind systems, Fire Indication Panel Monitoring, lifts and/or Energy metering/Management. Ultimately, more services put onto the BMS the more control a building manager has which equates to energy efficiency and management for the client and in turn a higher Green Star and NABERS rated building and long term cost savings.

We bring a new dimension to the conventional BMS system by stepping it up to control every possible system installed in the building. We believe that the era where every system is controlled by their own unique proprietary system has come to an end.

The Building Manager can have the flexibility of analysing reports to see how the building is performing, how it is utilising its energy, if there could be better ways to managing it and alarms being sent as an email depending on its severity. Also the ability to track the building in real time. These are some of the features Konex Automation can offer, either one or all of the systems can be included on the BMS. We offer this service on new or existing buildings where an upgrade is desired.

KNX is the preferred protocol of communication for Konex automation. Why choose KNX? The reason is easy; it is an open global protocol supported by over 400 manufacturers, its ease of installation whether it would be over Ethernet, twisted pair, powerline or wireless, it has the solution. What does this mean? Global exposure and ease of access to components means that even if a part fails and a particular manufacturer cannot supply the part another manufacturer will have a similar part available that can be utilised instead. It can cater for Commercial, High Density Residential, Hospitality, Educational Facilities, Medical Institutions and Government sectors just to name a few.

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